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Artist. Artists workshop. Co-creator, actor and set designer in "Quasimodo" Theatre (1960-64) also in Satiric Group, creator of a group "Walcmany", Small Forms Theater, Poems Theater, V-ce President of Film Club "Profil", short film creator, creator of the cabaret MKS and the only Mariner Gallery in the country. 72-600 Świnoujście, P.O Box 402. Cracow, 23.11.1944. Kathrine (1964), Barbara (1966), John(1966). Zygmunt, uhlan received Piłsudski and Krzewiński medals. 1967 Poznan High School of Art, Theatrical Studies in Wrocław MDK. 1962-64 MDK in Leszno decorator, 1964-75 MDK in Góra Śląska v-ce director, 1975-76 Manager of the decorator’s division in Góra Śląska, 1977-78 Ceramics Workshop owner, 1979 resorts, 1979-89 MDK Szczecin, 1989-1992 PPDiUR ODRA, Mariners Gallery owner, 1989-92 owner of the "TZ Gallery", 1992-95 Sekret S.C, marketing agencys manager, 1998-2001 MDK, since 2001 retired. Creates unforgettable old-style icons, only person in Poland to have the permission of the Orthodox Church to paint icons. Many exhibitions in Poland and abroad both by himself and with other artists. Designer of the Stella Maris Chapel. Plain-air Meeting Macedonia 1999, International Plain-Air Meeting Miedzyzdroje 1998, "Misterium" Stargard Museum 1999, Pomeranian Princess Castle Exhibition 1992, Summer Film Festival Ińsko. Rotary Club, "Reduta" Club co-founder and member, Polish Painters Association, Polish Lighthouses Association, Mariners Association.

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"Pocałunek "The kiss of the muse"
Icon painter
Głos 15-16.05.1999r.

He was born during the war in Bieżniowo, a village near Cracow( now its district). Very lucky to be born at all, since the bunker where his mother has prepared a birth place for him was bombed before she has gotten there. This way Tadeusz Zielinski-a sagittarius was born. He himself beliefes that a muse kissed him during his birth and he can feel her power all his life. He believes that in his previous life he migh have had something to do with art (considering reincarnation). Using the old painting techniquues comes very easy to him and writing in the old gothic style is natural even though he has never really learned it.

According to the chinese horoscope he is a monkey. According to him this is responsible for all his life he calls – gypsy life. He has to grab a hold of many things in order to feel fulfilled. He was an actor, boxer, he likes sailing and is very skillful in ceramics.

Most important to him is painting. He has been painting and drawing since forever. He always knew that he wants to do it. He went to the Art High School in secret since his father did not want an artists in the family. He himself comments – My father was a policeman from before the war, and believed that a son in an art school is shameful.

He lived in many regions of Poland. He has fond memories of Góra Śląska where he created a group called "Walcmany", very successful at the Opole Festival. 20 years ago he has found a house in Świnoujście. He was mesmerized by the island, its beauty, location, closenes to big water and the ships that travel on it. I knew simple men do not live here, they have to be special with big characters. At that time I lived in the South. I was considered a rather wealthy person. I had a house, a car, private caramic factory and antiques collection. But fortune has turned on me and I have lost everything almost in one day. I came to Świnoujście to start a new life. I understood that my life was here.

He has always painted but cannot remember when ha has painted the first icon. It must have been a long time ago, but probably already in Świnoujście. One day I have seen an icon of Saint Nicolas - he says. It was out of this world figure, from outerspace. I have felt a need to paint something like that. My first icon was painted on a piece of peat. I can't remember the exact numer of icons I have painted. They are in temples all over in Poland and abroad.

For Tadeusz Zielinski painting icons is mystic. He himself describes it like this - I stand before the easel, I come down and relax. I try to put myself in a levitation type style. It is said that God himself paint icons. Often monks paint icons during periods of prayers and fasting. Every icons has to be lived and prayed through. That's how I feel it. Painting has been always a moment of calming myself down. When I want a conntact with other people I grab a guitar and start playing. He is interested not only in icons. Actually I paint everything - he says. Everybody can be an artist, but you have to prove yourself. You have to live of your works of art to be truly an artist. I try to achieve that - but I do agree it is not always easy.

"The kiss of the muse" left a deep mark on his life. I cant stand lies and do not lie myself. It's not because I am pure but rather comfortable. Every lie requires another lie, and that makes life complicated. I don't like complications. I like simple and easy to understand situations. I love and like being loved. I think love is behind everything we do, but also appreciate a true friendship. I think that everybody sooner or later understands one thing "I know I don't know anything".

Tadeusz Zielinski thinks of himself as a religious man. He gets a satisfaction out of the fact that lots of his paintings are located in temples and churches. He says-I want to build a church that will have paintings, sculptures and installations and will be accessible for everybody. People coming to such a church thanks to diferent artistic means would understand everything regardles of age, sex color of skin, religion, etc. I also want to build a workshop for all the artists not only the well known ones. Will his dreams come true?


100 Lenin Portraits
You can't paint in the bunker because even though there is enough light in there it is not good for painting. My windows are on the southern part of the bunker and with the movement of the sun the light and shadow moves. That's why Tadeusz paints in the courtyard.

- When I worked in the showbizness I didn't have time for painting. Painting is like playing a violin. If you don’t practice you have to start everything form the beginning. Later on I started to paint soc-real for money and icons for myself. Actually no-you can't paint for yourself. Art is nothing without the audience. If somebody says he paints for himself he is either a bad painter of he is untruthful. Painting soc-real he made good money. For example a secretary of the party called and ordered 100 portraits of Lenin. Tadeusz would set up 100 easels and paint like on an assembly plant. Move from one portrait to another and paint one eye here, one eye here, one eye here than another round with the nose, mouth and so on. Lenin was good for me. I made lots of money painting him. Aga