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Not everybody knows that in the medieval Times only the greatest masters made icons from start to finish. As a rule painters used stencils following strict rigors of painting technique and higiohraphic formulas. The masters controlled the whole process and finished the icons. The icons were not signed as a sign of humility and fear of God. Even though the greates icon painter ever Andrej Rublow followed the example set by Teofan the Greek he wasn't a copier but a creator. Painter Tadeusz Zielinski is also a follower but he is not a copier or a stylist. He lacks the contact with the masters of old - he is the new one. He paints the same way as they, he uses the same technique to achieve the same ways of expression, holiness and dignity. As a result Tadeusz Zielinski is a unique artist and his icons are new originals. Even though icons are painted now they have the touch of great art and smell of antiquity. The creator himself is no doubt an aristocrat among the icon painters.

Henryk Kendziur-Odon - Renown specialis of the sacred art.
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"When Tadeusz Zielinski paints the sky becomes motionless. As people do when they feel the eyesight of his icons on themselfes. Its almost like the icons are painted both by God and Tadeusz. Its not simply painting. Its a prayer. ... "

Text interweaving the icon's and paintings galery comes from an article in "Wró¿ka" magazine /Nr 1. 2004/ www.wrozka.com.pl author: Grzegorz Kapla

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Eyes of the saints light up in the light of the thousands of candles. Wind moves the archangels wings. ...
Maybe he is right saying that icon painting is the only one that makes sense. Icon is simply one of a kind. The first icon wasn't painted it was Christ's reflection on Saint Veronica's scarf. Thats why the icon has something out of this world. The saints painted on the icons all look a little like they are out of this planet. The saints painted on normal western holy paintings look a little bit more normal, more human like. Icon'’s heros are celestial....
adeusz Zielinski didnt just stop with painting. He is designing whole churches like the alter of Stella Maris. Stella Maris seamen's society has alters ia ll of the bigest sea ports of the world. The one is Swinoujscie however is special. Even the heads of Church in Macedonia have invited Tadeusz to decorate their churches.
- You paint in such a primitive way - please create our temples. (...)