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Icon - means painting

Guests from Wielkopolska

Icons on the exhibitions

Macedonian Icons

What you love is not always easy

Painting on wood given back by the sea

Der Künstler von der Ostsee - version:

Icon - means painting
Sound of bells, darkness, smell of incence, background music and a light shining on an icon of Saint Mary. If it wasn’t for glasses of cognac in the hands of people you could think you were in an orthodox church. Icons painted by Tadeusz Zielinski left a big impression on everyone. Tadeusz Zielinski a painter was born in Cracow and lives now for many years in ¦winouj¶cie. He was the first man to create a gallery to show works of art of the fisheremen and mariners. He himself says:

Guests from Wielkopolska celebrate Education's Day on the island.
With the students from Wielkopolska came the teachers and other education workers. They all wanted to see the beauty of our landscape. Mr. Kowalski organized their visit to ¦winouj¶cie and while there, they all came to Tadeusz Zielinski. Mr. Zielinski welcomed them with a camp fire, grilled sausage and a local band. Not even the rain chased the visitors away. Mr Zielinski took up a guitar and sang a song for everybody. One of the teachers Mr. Miko³ajczyk was very thankfull for a wonderfull evening and thanked for everything.

Icons on an exhibition
Last Saturday Tadeusz Zielinski has presented 60 of his sacral paintings in Galeria. Mr. Henryk Kendziur-Ordon an art critic has said about Tadeusz Zielinski's paintings that they are very distinguished and extend a sacral atmosphere. They are not copies but original works of art. His words can really show the excellent works of art Mr. Zielinski has created.
Inside the Galeria in a room filled with sacral music, insence and church bells the artist has created an atmosphere that has left a mark on all of the visitors. Around 30-40 people together with most of the cities political elite took their time to appreciate the beauty of Zielinski’s icons. All that is left is to invite the rest of the community to visit the Galeria.


Macedonian Icons -----
In beautifull countryside of Macedonia. Far from people and hustle of big cities met artists from around the world. International Painters Meeting took place between 3-14 July with lots of painters, sculpters attending. The only artists representing Poland in such a distinguished field was city of ¦winouj¶cie’s own Tadeusz Zielinski. While visiting ¦winouj¶cie Teresa Prokopowicz-Saurek was intrigued by the style of Mr. Zielinski’s icons. Thanks to her people of Macedonia had the opportunity to invite him to visit Macedonia. At first, Mr. Zielinski had doubts about attending. Problems with finances, unknown situation in neighbouring Kosovo were just few of them. However, thanks to stuberness of the Macedonian organisers and local authorities Mr. Zielinski went to Macedonia. Kiczewo is the closes city to the meeting. It is a city of contrast where wealth meets poverty. One side of the street with glass and steel hotels faces shanties and city venders on the other side. The most important thing about the meeting was the opportunity to meet with artists from other countries. For 14 days the ancient monastery with the surrounding areas became one big artist workshop. Mr. Zielinski for his workshop has chosen an old belfry. The surrounding fence created an aura of intimacy yet togetherness with the rest of the artists. He has painted four paintings that he has left in Macedonia. In the International Painters Meet took part about 50 people. They have left in Macedonia about 200 pieces of art. Of course during evenings the artists sang and talked around a campfire. Mr. Zielinski has left some of the marketing material about ¦winouj¶cie for the other artists. They all liked the city but had a problem with pronouncing its name. The organizers of the meet send all of the artists on a couple of excursions to the surrounding cities as well as to a monastery where lots of original frescs still exist. Macedonia is a wonderfull example of Europe and Asia meeting in one place. It’s a little exotic but strangely familiar-says Tadeusz Zielinski. The organizers were shocked by the icons that he has left for them. They were surprised thet they were painted in the Macedonian style. Never in my life have I met such a wonderfull people-says Tadeusz Zielinski.

What you love is not always easy

Candid talk with painter Tadeusz Zielinski

He is one of a kind person from a world of art. Icon critics call him an aristocrat amongst the icon painters. He is also recognized for creating lots of galleries in ¦winouj¶cie for example Gallery of the mariners and sea people. He is also a real culture man. He established theaters and theatrical reviews. He has lots of exhibitions for example in Holland, Germany and Sweden. He is the only person in Poland that has the permission of the greek orthodox church to paint icons. In ¦winouj¶cie we can see his paintings in the church on Torunska street and the Stella Maris church. He liveas and creates his art in ¦winouj¶cie. ...cd:

Painting on wood given back by sea

a On the beach in ¦winouj¶cie after the storm you can meat Tadeusz Zielinski. He is the local painter. He walks slowly, picking up almost every piece of wood. He looks at it and caresses it. After a careful considerations he takes it with him. Every time he wonders what kind of story will be told by the particular piece of wood. After a few weeks a painting painted on the wood given back by the sea will astonish lots of people. Wood has life-says Tadeusz Zielinski-it emits warmth-he continues. When I take a piece of wood in hand, I wonder where it comes from and how long has it been in the sea for. Is is a part of a sunken boat? ...cd:

Tadeusz Zieliñski - der Künstler von der Ostsee

s kommt vor, dass täglich mehr als 50 Leute an seinem Arbeitsplatz vorübergehen. Tadeusz Zieliñski malt meistens im Hof, hier ist viel besseres Licht als im Haus.

Das Atelier ist halb Galerie, halb Arbeitsplatz, aber vor allem ein prächtiges Haus, in dessen Gestaltung der Künstler seine ganze Seele legte.

Swinemünder Maler ist dem Reiz der Ikonen verfallen
Tadeusz Zielinski malt in einem alten Bunker auf gesammeltem Treibholz kunstvolle Heiligenbilder

    Swinemünde (ak/gb). Abseits vom Trubel der Stadt und nur wenige Schritte entfernt vom Gemäuer des alten Westforts lebt und arbeitet Tadeusz Zielinski eher unauffällig. Einen ehemaligen Militärbunker hat der in Krakow geborne Maler in mühsamer Arbeit zum gemütlichen Heim und Atelier sowie bvorzugten Ziel vieler Freunde und Besucher umfunktioniert. Wer sein Domizil zum ersten Mal betritt, ist überrascht, denn hinter den dicken militärischen Mauem finden sich Ikonen.


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